New Year's Eve, Planning Before The Party

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The countdown to 2006 is on and many local residents will be bringing in the new year at one of the local New Year's Eve parties.

But for Merrill Bonarrigo of Messina Hof Winery, New Year's Eve is far from one big party, it's work.

"A lot of planning and timing the rhythm of the evening is very important and then all of the different details because the event is really in the details," said Merrill Bonarrigo, co-founder, Messina Hof.

Across the twin cities at the College Station Hilton, Scott Sloan the director of catering says, planning the perfect New Year's Eve party means being flexible up until the very last second.

"They're putting in, they're taking out, their lives go on so they cancel then they need to add back in. It's been a little bit crazy especially today and yesterday," said Scott Sloan, director of catering, College Station Hilton.

Setting up tables, blowing balloons, hanging fabric, all take serious work. But for a New Year's Eve party to really sizzle, the kitchen is the heart of it all.

"The kitchen is the center of activity for the party once it begins because all the food is being generated there the creativity has already happened," said Bonarrigo.

It took each venue close to a year to plan the ultimate end-of-year parties and when the clock strikes midnight, champagne will be sipped as hundreds of party goers celebrate 2006.