Local Residents Concerned About Gang Violence

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"When I walked into the house I heard pow-pow-pow, so I told my daughter to give me the phone and I called 9-1-1," Beck Street Resident Minnie Olvarez said.

Olvarez recalls Saturday's drive by shooting. She lives two houses away from the Agundez family.

The house police say drive by shooters targeted, and the same house, where 24-year-old Alva Agundez was fatally shot last week.

Leaving Beck Street residents worried and upset.

"I've got grandkids, I've got a 10-year-old, I've got a 16-year-old and they walk down the street," Olvarez said. "I want to feel safe enough so they can walk to the park or walk to their friend's house, and not worry about it. When I was a kid I used to do that and not worry about getting shot."

Police say the shootings are gang related.

A former gang member, who we'll call Tom, says it was bound to happen.

"To attack the same person over again especially after an incident like the Beck Street incident is to make sure people know that they're feared," Tom said.

He says attacks are about disrespect.

He says there is a gang problem in Bryan, and that several exist.

He says some gangs have up to a hundred members each, and all members have something in common.

"They're trying to find acceptance," Tom said. "They're trying to find a sense of purpose in life, and when you don't have that, that's why you join a gang. People are looking for a sense of family, that's what they're needing."

But it's that dysfunctional family that caused Alva's death, leaving her 13-month-old daughter without a mother, and a family in pain.

"She always tried to keep the peace around the house," Alva's Brother Luis Agundez said.

But police say peace in the Beck Street area may be a ways off. They say that the violence is bound to happen again.

For folks like Minnie anger is what they feel.

"It makes me mad, it makes me real mad because nobody in this world has a right to take someone else's life," Minnie said.