Exercise Number One New Year's Resolution

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Out with the old in with the new, that's what millions of Americans are thinking as they make New Year’s resolutions. And for Bill Windschief at Gold's Gym in Bryan, the start of a new year always means a boom in business.

"January industry wide, health club industry, is the busiest month of the year," said Bill Windschief, manager, Gold's Gym.

With more than 100 million overweight Americans, it's no surprise the number one resolution is a promise to lose weight.

"This time of year everybody wants that magic pill they want that magic kick but what they don't necessarily want to do is realize that they have to eat right and work hard," said Windschief.

But Windschief says the entire staff is prepared to work with would-be resolution breakers.

"We know if they don't know exactly how to set their goals, they're probably not going to stick with it, that's where professional instructors from an experienced certified personal trainer comes in," said Windschief.

One of those personal trainers, Trevor Carney, says he starts each new client off by helping them set realistic goals.

"They want to lose 100 pounds or something like that, you know they need to come in and really just try to lose two or three pounds a week," said Trevor Carney, personal trainer, Gold's Gym.

Carney says if a client can stick to a program for even a month they are more likely to stick to their resolution.

"You start seeing your clothes fit better you know, develop a little muscle tone in your body, you get excited about that it's very hard work but it's gratifying," said Carney.

Gym membership sales always increase at the beginning of a new year, but after a few months the crowds die down and new years resolutions are forgotten. But this year could be different, that is if you resolve to keep your resolution.