Curfew in College Station a Possibility?

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Wednesday marks the third night Bryan Police will enforce the city's new juvenile curfew. A major part of their decision to create the law was the rise in violent crime, which isn't as big a problem in College Station. In fact, for a Texas city its size, College Station has one of the lowest crime rates.

Nonetheless, juveniles in that city might soon face the same fate as their Bryan peers. College Station Police Chief Michael Clancey and his department has been directed to explore the option of enacting a juvenile curfew.

"We're going to be looking at the data, probably using the same template that Bryan used to justify the juvenile curfew," Clancey said.

And that justification was dozens of cities, both in and out of Texas, who have seen juvenile crime drop significantly with a curfew in place.

"This would be a proactive step to actually get ahead of the game rather than play catch-up two or three years down the road," said Clancey.

With the Bryan curfew up and running, College Station authorities say crime has the potential to displace from the north to the south side of the Twin Cities. So while criminal activity isn't as prevalent in College Station, Chief Clancey wants to make sure it stays that way.

"You take a look at this just on a pragmatic scale, is there really any reason, other than for work purposes or study purposes, for somebody of a certain age to be out past midnight," Clancey asked.

It's that question College Station's city council will eventually have to answer, but while they're examining the pros and cons, authorities say they are solidly behind a totally curfewed Twin Cities.

There are a few exceptions to Bryan's curfew. Among them, if a juvenile is accompanied by a parent, on the sidewalk in front of their residence, or involved in an emergency, they will not be cited.