DPS Trooper From Madisonville Remembered

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"He was just a mother's dream," said April Zachary, mother.

"He was just so easy to love," said Tara Zachary, wife.

It's been a rough new year for the Zachary family. On New Years Day they lost a son, a husband and a new dad.

"He loved so many things besides, me of course," said Tara Zachary.

"I can still see him standing in the front door waving good bye I'll never forget it," said April Zachary.

Trooper Billy Zachary, known to family and friends as BJ, grew up in Madisonville. He was known for his big blue eyes and bright smile.

"The first time I laid eyes on him I knew he was something special," said his wife.

After leaving Sam Houston State University, BJ decided to become a DPS Trooper. Something his mother says he always wanted to do.

"It's something as a child he thought would be really cool," said his mom.

BJ and his wife Tara moved to Monahans, a town in West Texas, once he finished the academy. They had only been there for a year and a half when a routine traffic stop turned fatal.

He had pulled a car over on New Year's Day and was ticketing a driver, when he was hit by a pickup.

"She just said that he was gone and I just kept saying it's not real," said his wife.

Family members say the hardest part, is knowing BJ won't get to spend more time with his three month old daughter, Zoe.

"That's what hurts the most is him not being able to raise her," said his mom.

"He's just not going to get to see her rollover or walking," said his wife.

Friends and family pulling together to help each other through the ordeal, but BJ's wife says Zoe is her biggest help.

"You can just look at her and it takes your mind off the pain cause she's so cute, everybody told us we'd make pretty babies," said his wife.

BJ's family is trying to keep going strong. Remembering how much he loved his family will continue to make each day a little easier.