UT Fans in Aggieland

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You may not realize you're in Aggieland this week once you see all the people decked out in burnt orange to celebrate UT's win over USC. Emotions are still running high for many fans after Wednesday night's Rose Bowl.

Wednesday night's college football championship between UT's Longhorns and last year's champs, the USC Trojans was full of adrenaline. Texas fans, even ones who live in Aggieland, are still reeling from the action packed game and giving props to star quarterback, Vince Young.

" It was a great game and the last 19 seconds Vince Young came out and pulled it out," said UT fan, Shawn Keen.

" It was kind of scary, but I knew Vince Young would come through like he always does," said UT fan, Pete Flores.

" I was on my toes because I didn't think they were going to pull through, but they pulled through. They wouldn't have won it without Vince Young. He's the man baby!," exclaimed UT fan, Jennifer Branum.

Fans also say they got a bit of a workout while cheering for their team.

" I was ecstatic. I was jumping around, jumping on the bed, doing flips. I was happy," said Keen.

" Very loud. Screaming, hollering, jumping around," said UT fan, Valerie Flores.

Now fans are flooding retail stores looking for championship t-shirts and other Longhorn merchandise.

" We had customers coming and waiting out in the parking lot at 6 a.m. and it's been exciting to see them come in and buy their t-shirts and get their merchandise," said Amy Joy with Academy Sports and Outdoors.

While some Aggies may be bitter that their rival won the national title, others are sharing the love and are happy for another Big 12 team.

" Being an Aggie, you've got to have pride for Texas regardless. It was a tough fight, they put up a good game," said Aggie Nick Jordan.