Community Uses Prayer To Fight Gang Violence

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"We believe in this community and we want to fight for our community, we're not ready to give it up," said Carmen Sifuentez, concerned resident and community volunteer.

That was the feeling today as local residents gathered in Henderson Park in Bryan for a warfare prayer session against gang violence.

The recent spike in gang activity and violent crime has many residents, ready to take action.

"We believe that all the gang members are redeemable, their hearts can be changed and so we want to take an active measure towards the positive for them," said Sifuentez.

The prayer session was organized by J.J Ramirez of Save Our Streets (SOS) Ministries. He says the recent shootings served as a wake call for many and in his eyes prayer might be the only answer.

"What I wanted to do was inspire the people around here to come out and let's pray there's not much else we can do," said JJ Ramirez, SOS Ministries.

For close to two hours, community members held hands in song and prayer.
Praying for current gang members and the younger generations they can potentially influence.

"If we can impact this generation, it's going to make a difference in the way they raise their kids and their kids kids because when one life is changed it impacts generations to come," said Sifuentez.

This was the first time a warfare prayer session has been held, but JJ insists, it won't be the last.

"We're going to continue to have prayer vigils, we're going to continue to have outreach, we're going to continue to come and reach out and tell people we're not doubting you we're supporting you," said Ramirez.

Because even if only one life is saved, they say these prayers were answered.