Robertson County Grass Fire Burns About 500 Acres

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Firefighters in Robertson County spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning battling one of the biggest grass fires they had seen in years. A fire that destroyed one barn and threatened Doug Bass' livestock business.

"It burned about 350 acres right here that I have cattle on and continued to burn on into the neighbors," said Doug Bass, cattle owner.

Bass leases property in Blackjack for his cattle, he says he got a call about the fire Saturday afternoon. As he left his home in Limestone County, he could see the smoke.

"We left Kosse coming this way and we could see the smoke all the way from Kosse and it was a pretty big deal," said Bass.

Dry conditions and high winds caused the fire to spread in a matter of minutes, and Blackjack firefighter Mike McCormick was the first called to the scene.

"I got on the radio, started communicating we just need every available unit here," said Mike McCormick, Blackjack Fire Department.

Help from fire departments in Hearne, Franklin, Wheelock, Brazos County and the Texas Forestry service came to help fight the fire off of FM 361. But with all those resources, McCormick says they still had a hard time containing the flames.

"This particular fire was a wind driven fire, to get in front of it is dangerous to get behind it is dangerous so all we could do is flank the fire and try to cool it down," said McCormick.

Even 24 hours later small flames and smoke are still on trees and brush. Officials don't know what started the fire but they say in these dry conditions, even changing a flat tire can sometimes be dangerous.

"A car with a flat time throwing rubber off of it, that's just enough heat that's how tender the grass is," said McCormick.

There were no injuries caused by the fire and all the livestock made it to safety. But the land is completely burned, so Bass will have to find a new home for his cattle.

"Dry weather is really costing people a lot of money as it is buying hay and so forth, it really costs when it comes to this," said Bass.