Explosion at A&M Chemistry Building

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Texas A&M officials say last week's explosion in the chemistry building was likely caused by an over-pressurized dewar.
A dewar is likened to a thermos this one contained liquid nitrogen.
Although investigators haven't listed an official cause, they say all signs are pointing to the dewar.
Research classes have been moved from the damaged areas of the building.
The investigation continues.
Clean-up at the building is scheduled to start tomorrow.
As you know, the explosion happened around 3 a.m. Thursday morning on the third floor of the chemistry building.
No one was present when the explosion happened and there were no injuries. Lab personnel say hydrocarbons were being distilled on a lab on the third floor.
An emergency response team, including Hazmat teams, the College Station Fire Department, and A&M officials was set up around the perimeter. Officials say one of the labs was severely destroyed.
The only danger, authorities say, was flammability - that the fumes of the chemicals could ignite a fire. Officials say they were able to localize that risk early on.