22 Pounds Of Cocaine Found, Several Suspects Arrested

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Several people were busted for more than 20 pounds of drugs that investigators say they found.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is not releasing much information on the suspects, but they say 5 people were arrested and some were residents from The Valley.

Investigators say they spent most of the day Friday working on a drug operation in Porter which is a small town northeast of Houston. They say it was late Friday afternoon when a van was spotted which was possibly involved. That van, with tape over the tail lights, was stopped on Community Drive between I-69 and Loop 494.

A dog was used to search the vehicle and found 22 pounds of cocaine in tightly bundled packages.

The suspects are in the Montgomery County Jail on a $1 million dollar bond.

Investigators say the wholesale price for the amount of cocaine found is close to $400,000,