Grimes Co. Fugitive Captured...23 Years Later

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Persistence pays off for Grimes County investigators as a suspected fugitive is put behind bars.

More than 23 years ago, a man named Guadalupe Nieblas was arrested for causing a head-on collision while driving drunk on Highway 105 a third of a mile west of Navasota. Friday, that individual was taken into custody again and charged with the intoxicated manslaughter of Michael Kubecza.

It turns out Guadalupe Nieblas was an alias, and when the man was supposed to appear for trial in late 1984, he had skipped town. The Grimes County District Attorney's Office has stayed on the case, interviewing locals and revisiting evidence. Their leads brought them to the Wal-Mart in Navasota, where Luis Martinez had worked for the past decade.

Low and behold, Martinez appears to be the man they arrested back in 1982. He had moved his family out to California for a few years, but ended up back in Grimes County.

Fingerprints taken from Martinez Friday match the ones from the original arrest, and authorities say Martinez admitted to being the same man. He is not believed to have committed any other crimes since that 1982 accident.

Martinez was jailed on a $7,500 bond.