New Youth Ice Hockey Team In The Brazos Valley

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For this ice hockey game, the Arctic Wolf Ice Center was anything but cold. With speed on the ice and spirit in the stands, 33 youth played the Brazos Valley's first ever youth ice hockey game.

"The kids have been great, they've been with us since April and this is the first time they've been on the ice," said Joe Ogletree, hockey director, Arctic Wolf Ice Center.

Ogletree is the hockey coach at Texas A&M and the hockey director at Arctic Wolf Ice Center. He says practice for the two youth teams started 10 months ago, but the coaches have been teaching more than hockey skills.

"We also teach the teamwork aspect of the game, the family aspect, the friendship. It's a lot of respect for the sport in general," said Ogletree.

One hockey mom says the first game took her by surprise.

"When we first arrived I thought, gosh this almost sounds like an A&M game or something," said Suzanne Faske, hockey mom.

Faske drives from Brenham to College Station so six of her 14 children can play in the league.

"It's Interesting, we have three on one team and three on the other. We definitely get to always go home a winner," said Faske.

Faske says her sons used to play roller hockey in Brenham, but this year the league was cancelled and her kids almost had to give up a sport they love.

"This year we didn't have enough players to have a senior league. So that meant if we didn't switch to College Station, three of our boys wouldn't have been able play this year," she said.

Ogletree says that's why the league got started, so local kids could have a chance to play hockey. If he has it his way, those local kids will never leave.

"Eventually, maybe Texas A&M will have some home grown talent. You know that's the kind of things these guys are seeing, they see the kids at A&M play and you know that's what they want to do it gives them a goal," said Ogletree.

The first game ended in a tie, 2-2. But this was only the first game, these young players will have more chances to pass the puck.