Bryan Police's Tactical Team Adds Two St. Joseph ER Doctors

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BRYAN, Texas From standoffs to search warrants, the Bryan Police Department SWAT Team is always facing potential danger.

Now the department is adding medical doctors to the team.

News 3 looked at why this move is so important.

It's a risky business being part of the Bryan Police Department's Tactical Team.

These top cops are the ones we see at everything from shootouts to standoffs to search warrants.

Now there's a new tool for the team; two ER Doctors with the St. Joseph Emergency Room.

"If anything happens we're there to help take care of team members. We're also there to help take care of any civilians," said Dr. Paul Goen the medical director for the St. Joseph Emergency Center in College Station.

Both he and Dr. Andy Wilson have carried badges too.

"Well I was a deputy sheriff prior to medical school so I do have a law enforcement background and Dr. Wilson is a commissioned peace officer with Bryan P.D. So we thought it would be the perfect marriage of our law enforcement background and our medical knowledge," Goen added.

The team trains once a week with the tactical team.

It's a job Dr. Andy Wilson says isn't easy.

"The first day I trained with them was about a 13 mile run so after waking up a day later I realized they were a tough group of guys," said Wilson.

The team of more than ten gets around in a bullet-proof vehicle.

During incidents the doctors stay here in the safety of the armored car, but if something happens they can quickly jump out and respond in just a few seconds.

Bryan Police Sergeant Demond Oliver is an assistant team leader for the tactical team. They've had tactical medics the past ten years but doctors are new.

"A few seconds can mean life or death so it's very comforting for me and for the department to have doctors available at a moment's notice," said Oliver.

Added safety for some of Bryan's bravest.

So far the doctors have been on three calls with the SWAT Team in the past nine months.