Girl Scout Cookies

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Ester Hughes is on a mission. The eight-year-old girl goes door to door selling Girl Scout cookies in her neighborhood.

For the past two years Esther has been selling the tasty treats and enjoying them.

"They're gone in about two months," Esther Hughes said.

So far she has sold cookies to over 30 people, but she won't stop there. The money she makes goes to funding Girl Scout activities like camp for her troop.

But even though Esther has her door-to-door selling down to an art, it’s not always that easy with some people.

Cookie sales fall when folks are trying to stick to New Year's resolutions, so some folks are reluctant to buy.

But for the calorie conscious one web site may help you before you buy. It's called, and it lists the nutrition facts for everything from fast food to Girl Scout cookies.

From thin mints, to Tag A Longs , to Dos Si Dos the web site lists the fat and calories for the sweet treats, to give you a heads up on what cookies are right for you.

But, if you're not internet savvy the scouts will help you out.

"You can see all the nutrition facts on the boxes," Hughes said. "But nobody really wants to see that."

Ester says when it comes to cookie time, some people just don't ask.

"They just think they're good and they don't want to look what they're putting into it," Hughes said.

The Girl Scout cookie pre-sale started January 6 and ends tomorrow. Girl Scouts will be selling cookies at various locations beginning February 10.

For more information you can call the Girl Scout House at 833-3411.