MLK Drive on MLK Day

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Essie Neulings has called Martin Luther King Drive home for more than five decades. She remembers when it used to be a gravel road with ditches on the side. It still isn't the richest part of Bryan, at least when it comes to money.

"I think it's just all to do with the good neighbors that we've got around, and the riches of everybody praying and being there for each other," she said.

Neulings says she won't ever leave her long-time home, even though its foundations lie on a street with a less-than-dreamy reputation for crime.

"Things used to be a whole lot quieter," she recalled. "Right now, it's just a little bit too rough for me. But I still love staying her on this little street corner. In the past two or three years, it has quieted down some It really has, and I thank God for that."

"We live here. We're safe everyday. Our kids walk up and down the street. I walk up and down the street," said Jennifer Auston.

On this MLK Day, she was with her family, the Allens. They've also called this street their home for a while now, and have also seen their small neighborhood improve with time, changes they've welcomed, improvement they hope to continue to see.

"The police have worked really hard to keep this street safer for kids," Auston said. "Now that the elementary school is right up the street, that makes it more known."

A school that her son attends like so many on this street. It's got quite the recognizable name, one which anyone can put a face and a message with.

"My son, he's eight years old, and I want him to grow up to repeat something positive, and that's what Martin Luther King means to me: positive," Auston said.