Record-Setting Rainfall and Residual Problems

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It was a day of recordbreaking rainfall Sunday, as Bryan-College Station saw a dry spell come to a very wet end.

The local rainfall record for the day was broken as 1.69 inches of rain fell.

But with the rainfall comes the usual problems, as several power outages were reported.

Parts of Bryan, College Station, and other outlying areas were without electricity for a little while Sunday.

The power was quickly restored, but there are some residual problems.

College Station Police say once the electricity came on, all traffic lights functioned normally, except at one intersection.

That's at the intersection of Highway Six and Greens Prairie Road.

The Texas Department of Transportation says existing construction and standing water at that intersection means the lights will not be repaired until sometime Monday.

College Station Police say Tex-Dot could not provide an estimate on when tomorrow the repairs would take place.