Nation's Top Homebuilder Moves In

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The work has begun for the Nation's largest homebuilder in a growing community. D.R. Horton has purchased 78 lots just off Graham Road in south College Station.

"We'd really like to help the community," Bill Barton with D.R. Horton said. "It's a very good growing community, very strong market. We saw it as a good potential to help the community and build some nice quality homes."

Bill Barton the City Manager of D.R. Horton says the contractor picked the Bryan-College Station area because of the low unemployment rate, and its location, close to both Austin and Houston.

Randall Pitcock with the local homebuilders association says he expects the contractor to make a smooth transition into the community.

"We're expecting D.R. Horton to be able to absorb into the home building market rather easily," Randall Pitcock with the homebuilders association said. "We think they're going to possibly bring a new innovative product to the market, and we're excited about them being in the Bryan-College Station area."

D.R. Horton's impact on Bryan-College Station may not be entirely positive. Pitcock says they may have a buying advantage, purchasing bulk products cheaper than others, and they will affect the market.

"They will take a share of the market away from some builders," Pitcock said. "I think people will see a loss in the market share."

And folks may be worried about the quality of the homes, because they go up fast. Barton says he's ready for this.

"Just because we're a national builder doesn't mean that we're not going to pay attention to the customer and build a quality product," Barton said.

Plus they are using local vendors, suppliers, and sub-contractors which will help the economy.

Pitcock says it's a waiting game to see exactly what impact they will have.

D.R. Horton plans to have all 78 lots filled by December 2006.