BVCASA Offers New Services In Four Counties

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For years, the Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse (BVCASA) has helped those whose lives have been ruined by drugs and alcohol.

Now they'll also be helping those who may be just starting out down that road.

"If you've got an MIP you can come to BVCASA. If it's a DWI come to BVCASA. If it's drug offender education, come to BVCASA," said Mary Alessandra with BVCASA.

The MIP, DWI and drug offender programs will be licensed by the state. Probation director Arlene Parchman says, these new programs are needed in the community.

"The programs are not offered widely and the slots are often full," said Arlene Parchman, Brazos County Director of Community Supervision and Corrections.

Parchman says the courts often mandate these classes to offenders as part of their probation. Since they are hard to come by, offenders are traveling to other cities to take the courses.

"Sometimes they can't get in the programs in a timely manner so then they have to go out of town to take the program, so this will relieve that burden," said Parchman.

But BVCASA says the classes aren't just for alcohol and drug offenders, they can also be used by parents as a preventive measure.

"I really want to promote it as let's not wait until we're in trouble let's prevent trouble let's get our kids educated now," said Alessandra.

The programs aren't going to limited to the BVCASA location in Bryan, they'll also be offered in Burleson, Madison and Robertson Counties.

"We want our community to be a safe place for people to live and we believe education is the first step towards that goal," said Alessandra.

BVCASA will be the only organization in the Brazos Valley to offer all three courses and maybe a little involvement now will prevent a more drastic intervention down the line.