Teen Drivers More Dangerous

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Studies have long shown teenagers to be the most dangerous drivers on the road. But a new study says teen drivers involved in accidents are killing other people in much greater numbers than they are killing themselves.

This class of driver's education students will have a lot more to worry about than passing the written exam. A study by AAA says new teenage drivers are more dangerous than previously thought.

Crashes over the past 10 years involving drivers ages 15 to 17 killed nearly 31,000 people. Well over half were passengers, people in other vehicles, and pedestrians.

The National Highway Safety Association says something must be done.

" The Texas law could be improved by making the late night driving restriction kick in earlier say at 10 pm rather than midnight. It also might be smart to prohibit the carriage of any passengers at all during that 6 month probation period," said Davis Willis with the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M.

Surprisingly analysts say it wouldn't do much good if teens were required to take additional driving safety courses.

" The typical sort of classroom instruction or online instruction, we can't show statistically that that reduces crashes," said Willis.

" People are going to drive the way they want to. No matter how much we preach to them and tell them that they shouldn't. You've always got to be aware of what the other people are doing. How they're acting. How they're behaving," Bobby Bernshausen, a Driving Instructor.

Parents can play a major role in preventing their teens from causing fatal accidents.

" Parental involvement is really important. The extent to which the parents get out and drive the kids and educate them that way," said Willis.