A&M Linemen Were Monday's Stabbing Victims

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The clues are few and far between in the case of a pair of Aggie football players stabbed outside a nightclub early Monday.

A witness to stabbings of Henry Smith and Marques Thornton described the scene as a massive brawl. Yet College Station authorities are still asking questions and searching for answers.

Aggie lineman Henry Smith received a gash on his back, and fellow lineman Marques Thornton suffered a cut to his arm after a melee in the front of a College Station bar.

"We're very pleased that they're not hurt more seriously," said A&M athletic department spokesman Alan Cannon. "They're able to return to school and also actually work out."

But as the players wounds heal, there are still many questions in a case that hasn't closed. Cannon says the players were called in the day after to discuss the situation.

"The first thing was making sure the young men were OK, and then following up with them on what exactly happened, be straight forward with us, be straight forward with the authorities," he said.

But officials with College Station police say many questions they've asked witnesses and those involved are not being answered. Suspects are still being sought after a brawl witnessed by a crowd outside The Canyon in Post Oak Mall. It took place after closing as patrons had emptied the bar.

Smith stands 6'3" and weighs in at 322 lbs. Thornton, who like Smith, is a reserve lineman, is 6'1" and 279 lbs.

"Especially football and basketball players, you're usually able to pick them out when you go out into a club or even the grocery store, and somebody says, 'Look at the size of that guy,'" Cannon said. "They are targets out in the community."

But usually, they're targets of admiration. It's a mystery why they were attack targets Monday.

If you can help College Station Police in solving this crime, you're asked to call them at 764-3600.