Credit Receipt Law

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Whether your pumping gas or buying drinks you may be putting yourself at risk.

It's called identity theft and you've heard it before, with one swipe of your credit card someone can steal your personal information.

But the government is not giving in to crooks, they're stepping up their defense. Now only the last four digits of your credit card number can be printed on a receipt.

Larry Lightfoot the director of the Better Business Bureau says it's a good thing.

"No one wants to be a part of identity theft," Lightfoot said. "Only the crook, only the thief, wants to be a part of it, so there trying to make it as difficult as they possibly can."

Retailers were given until the end of 2005 to comply with the law, but this doesn't mean you're entirely safe.

Even though the last four digits are only listed on the card the better business bureau and other officials say you still shouldn't throw it away.

"With four digits and a name there are sources around the country that make lists and they have other ways of getting other information," Lightfoot said. "I just suggest if your not going to use the receipt for some particular purpose and your not going to secure it, don't ask for it."

Attorney General Greg Abbott is asking Texans to report businesses still listing complete credit card numbers, and this goes for the internet too.

In a world where Identity theft is the leading cause of fraud you can't be too careful.

To contact the Attorney General Greg Abbott's office you can call 1-800-252-8011.