CS Residents, Staff Discuss Traffic

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College Station was prepared for a big crowd of residents Thursday night, but the Planning and Zoning commission didn't hear concerns over developments near Sebesta Road after the item was tabled.

"Right now, what we're hoping to do is come up with a proactive approach to going out and finding ways to mitigate that traffic before it becomes a problem," Director of Planning and Development Services Joey Dunn.

The neighborhoods near the proposed commercial development have agreed to what can and can't be built along Highway 6. However, residents aren't in agreement with the city's traffic impact analysis on the neighborhood roads.

"You don't have a whole lot greater increase in traffic," said Dunn. "That's what our impact study has revealed."

But attorney Wayne Rife and the people in his neighborhood have a different take. "It's our belief as well as others that traffic impact issues have not been dealt with adequately through the plans to date."

Rife is one of the residents asking the city to recheck their figures. It's their fear that their quaint neighborhood would be used as a shortcut to the incoming businesses.

"The concern we have is it is going to generate additional traffic flows that are going to meander around smaller streets that were never intended to carry this type of traffic," said Rife.

"Regardless of what kind of development, we anticipate greater traffic impacts, so it does identify that," said Dunn, referring to the impact report.

But the next weeks will be spent by city staff and residents trying to find a compromise on just how much traffic could be on the way.

At the request of the commercial developers, the planning and zoning commission will revisit their development in the next 90 days.