BTU Replacing Street Lights

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BTU says they're giving Texas Ave a facelift.

"We have a four year plan to replace overhead street lights along Texas Ave from Sulphur Springs to HWY 21," said Gary Samford, engineer, BTU.

The work is already underway; the lights on Texas from Sulphur Springs Rd to Carson St have been replaced. By changing the street lights, BTU will be moving the overhead power lines that connect to the lights, underground.

Shawndra Green is a member of BTU's capital improvements project committee. She says the changes will be more aesthetically pleasing.

"If you want to clean it up, if you want to make it safer, if you want to make it look a little nicer, underground is the way to go," said Shawndra Green, engineer, BTU.

In addition to taking the power lines underground, the old wooden poles have been replaced with metal ones. Area business owners say they haven't noticed a significant change because of the power lines that are still across the street.

"It looks real nice that they have these lights out here but then they still have the poles in front of them which distracts from the beauty," said Stephanie Lister, owner, Stephanie's Touch Salon.

"I noticed the ones across the street are metal, but there's not really much difference," said Nick Alvarado, EZ Pawn.

BTU says they are aware members of the community want all the power lines on Texas underground, like they are in College Station, but this current project is more feasible for the short term.

"We have the economics and other issues to consider," said Green. "So yes, we want to do what's best for our community and what our customers want us to do, but at the same time we have to consider our rate payers and how much this is going to cost."

Nevertheless, the street light project is now in phase two and for now everyone will have to enjoy LESS power lines instead of NO power lines.