Montgomery County Man Walks Free

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Arthur Mumphrey walked into the same court he stood in 18 years ago for his sentencing, but Thursday it was a different story.

"Justice was not done 20 years ago, but justice will be done this day," 359th State District Judge Kathleen Hamilton said.

DNA testing cleared Mumphrey of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1986, and earlier this week his 34-year-old brother Charles admitted to the crime.

It’s a bittersweet ending to an 18-year saga.

"I'm happy you know but you feel down and out but then you know all and all I'm just truly happy right now."

Mumphrey's attorney Eric Davis pressed for the DNA evidence that was eventually found stored in a refrigerator. Davis says without it, his client would still be behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Davis says the case against Mumphrey wasn't solid to begin with.

"I think it was a thin case but the end of is that Mr. Mumphrey's going home today," Eric Davis said. "That's the end of that, he’s going home today, he's been cleared, and he is a free man."

Mumphrey's release happened quickly, without much time for him to think about the future. He says he just wants to enjoy life.

"I've been locked up 18 years of the last 20 so I really just want to enjoy myself and take care of business," Arthur said. "I need to take care of it and I don't want to be in this situation again."

As for Arthur Mumphrey's brother Charles, he says he hasn't seen or spoken to him in 20 years.

Mumphrey's mother, who supports both sons, has no harsh feelings about the outcome.

"That's my son, and I will always love him because I know he was coerced into what he did, so I'm not mad I'm still happy and I'll treat them both the same," Bettye Mumphrey said.

An official pardon has been filed with the governor’s office to clear Mumphrey's name, in the meantime he says he's going to enjoy life with his wife, and get a job.

Charles Ray Mumphrey is serving a one-year sentence in the Gist State Jail in Beaumont for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle conviction.

On Monday Charles admitted to the crime to a DA investigator.

DNA testing will still be done to make sure it matches to Charles, the testing could take weeks.