Holick's Saying So Long to Northgate

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The sound of craftsmanship. It's echoed through the halls of Holick's on College Main in Northgate since the 1920s.

"A&M's founded on tradition, and Holick's is one of the traditions that goes right along with A&M right here off campus on Northgate," said Ricky Huff, a senior in the Corps.

And for those Corps seniors who stop by to slide on some boots, there's a picture they sit right below: a Northgate landscape, a mountain of tradition in the form of Holick's right in the middle.

"It's going to be proudly displayed in the new building, that's for sure," said Leo Belovoski. "It's probably going to hang exactly where it is right now, right above their heads when they get measured and are trying their boots on."

Belovoski has worked at Holick's since 1991. He's owned Holick's for all of two months.

"We hit the ground running in eight directions, and it pretty much hasn't stopped since," Belovoski said. "It's been pretty difficult."

Belovoski carries on the tradition of the now-retired Holick family, but will have to carry it on to a new location. The owners of the building they've been in for decades decided to raise the rent, dollar signs other businesses in the building can meet.

"After we did the numbers, we realized we just weren't going to make it," Belovoski said. "We would make a little bit of money, but it wouldn't be enough."

About a mile-and-a-half away on Wellborn Road in the Westgate Plaza, boots will soon be born, along with many more memories. But when more than eight decades-worth of senior dreams have become reality in one place, it's never easy to say goodbye.

"Anybody who's joined the Corps, it's one of the first things you do," said Matt Ockwood, the A&M Corps commander. "In many cases, before they get a uniform, they go to Holick's and put a down payment on those boots because they're such a piece of history."

"When you've got a boot that fits and feels that good on your feet, it makes a world of difference at the end of the day when you wear one all day long," said Belovoski. "If you factor that into the equation, I would hope that they would still see it's still Holick's."

No matter where the shoe fits.

Holick's will move out of their Northgate location in late February or early March. A number of cadets have already told Belovoski they'll volunteer on a weekend to move all the supplies to the new store.