Harlem Ballers Trot to A&M

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The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters made a stop in Aggieland Wednesday night.

The visit to Reed Arena was a part of the 80th season of Globetrotter basketball. The team will play more than 200 games in the United States and around the world.

"The travel is really not that hard," said Keiron "Sweet Pea" Shine, who has been with the team for a couple of years. "You just wake up and do it. It's part of life."

"We like to go out and let people have a good time and make sure they feel good when they come to the games for the few hours that they're here." said Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson, a 10-year veteran of the team. "They sit back, relax, and let us entertain us."

"The good thing about our games is that you don't have to be a basketball fan to enjoy them," said Kevin "Special K" Daley, the team's "showman." "There's something for everybody: for basketball fans, for those who don't even like basketball, but just like to be entertained."

The team has played around 22,000 games since their inception, and have only lost 343. One of those losses was not at Reed Arena Wednesday. They soundly defeated the New York Nationals.