Council Discusses Loop for Bryan

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If you've ever driven in Houston you may be familiar with Loop 610 or in San Antonio, Loop 410. But did you ever think there would be a need for loop in Bryan? The city council seems to think so. It's been working on the proposed East Side Loop.

"If we don't plan for future growth, it will pass us up, said Bryan City councilman and real estate agent, Jason Bienski. He sees potential in Bryan's east side and says the city just has to create a way to tap into it. Many believe a loop may be the answer.

" The proposed east loop that would extend University Drive past Highway 30 around the Copperfield subdivision and all the way around out to 1179 to Highway 21 past Coulter Airfield would open up some new residential and commercial retail type growth and development out there," said Bienski.

The proposed loop has been discussed between the city and the Texas Department of Transportation for nearly a decade and the main reason the project has never gotten of the ground was because of lack of funding.

" As the city expands we'd want to make sure that we had adequate mobility," said Bryan Wood with TX-DOT. He thinks the project is a great idea among a long list of other great ideas for which there's no money for.

" With a funding shortfall in the state of Texas, to get all the transportation projects we need, we'll have to look at innovative financing in the future", said Wood.

And by innovative financing he means considering making road projects toll roads, which usually faces opposition from residents.

Mayor Ernie Wentrcek also brought up the idea of making the loop a toll road and hopes the city can continue to work with TX-DOT
to make a loop in Bryan a reality.

Other items discussed at Friday's meeting included the municipal golf course. In February the council will vote on whether to get a feasibility study and explore all its options or stick with the existing site.