Local Auditions Held For Hit Reality Show

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Survivor, is one of TV's hottest reality shows and today dozens of local residents auditioned for the show.

"It's a bit out of character for me but I thought what the heck, it fell at a good time in my life," said Jim Pye, Survivor hopeful.

This will be the 12th season of survivor and the third time KBTX has held auditions for hopefuls in the Brazos Valley.

"I had the weekend off and I thought why not kill some time and possibly win a million dollars," said Mike Petersen, Survivor hopeful.

Each person was given face time with a camera for two minutes to tell CBS producers why they should be a castaway on the show. But many auditioning, say they didn't prepare for what they would say once the camera got rolling.

"I do a lot of public speaking so I'm not real nervous, although this is a little different," said Pye.

The local audition is just the beginning, next audition tapes will be sent to CBS for review where producers will sort through millions of applications.

After that there will be two more rounds of interviews before a final 16 are selected. But everyone at the local audition says they are ready for possible challenges on the horizon.

"We could all use a million dollars so that is certainly a motivation to win," said Pye.

Tryouts were tough for some and if they make it to the show, it'll be even tougher. But in the end only one castaway will become the final survivor.