Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

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The countdown is almost over for super bowl Sunday.

"Football is a great American pastime it's great to get together with friends, eat, drink, be merry," Joe Hasty said.

As security gets ready in Detroit, millions of Americans get ready for the big day full of not only football, but Food.

"We eat chips, dip, popcorn, snack food, stuff like that," Texas A&M student Lindsey Williams said.

"For me it's hotdogs, pizza, chips, and dip," Texas A&M Student Jorge Solis said.

At Double Daves Pizza on Texas Avenue, pizza deliveries are expected to double on Sunday.

"Football and Super Bowl like that's what's big here for us," Assistant Manager Joseph Adair said.

All delivery drivers will be called in, and the restaurant will roll out over 1-thousand pizza rolls.

"A lot of people will be running around, a lot of things going on, it's fun," Adair said.

Here at Buffalo Wild Wings there's just something about wings and football on Super Bowl Sunday. They expect wing orders to go up significantly.

"There's something about getting down and dirty and eating while you watch the game, I don't know there's a lot of beer and a lot of wings here," Bartender Alecia Parker said.

Buffalo Wild Wings will air the Super Bowl on 50 televisions, and they've already received excess shipments of none other but wings.

But football and food is not all Super Bowl is known for one other thing brings in the viewers. The commercials are at the top of most viewers' list.

Millions of people will tune into see commercials like the pizza hut commercial featuring Jessica Simpson.

But if it's not about the food, or the commercials it's about having a good time.

"It brings families together, it brings friends together, and it's a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon," Texas A&M student Jamie Lekman said.

So whatever draws you in, it's clear, Super Bowl Sunday is a national pastime.

The game will start at 5-17 Sunday on ABC.