Hurricanes May Have Forever Changed Coastline

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OVER THE NORTHERN GULF COAST (AP) - The recent hurricanes have
taken a toll not only on humans, but on nature.

The Gulf Coast has taken such a beating that one scientist says
"we might have to rethink what our coastal map looks like."

Louisiana's state climatologist says between 2004 and 2005, the
coastline from Galveston, Texas to Panama City, Florida was largely

Some barrier islands are nearly gone. Wetlands have been lost.
Everywhere scientists look, they see disruptions affecting plants,
animals, birds and sea creatures.

Hurricanes have pounded the coast for eons, and nature has
managed to bounce back. But scientists fear that with rising seas,
hotter temperatures and snowballing development, this time could be

They say we may have to get used to a coast that's less rich in
flora and fauna.