Hung Jury in Supernaw Trial

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A Washington County jury could not reach a verdict in the case against country music singer Doug Supernaw.
After six hours of deliberating Thursday night, the trial ended with a hung jury.

Supernaw pleaded not guilty to assaulting a peace officer.
He's accused of kicking an officer outside a Brenham bar in September 2002.

Seven witnesses, including bar patrons, bar employees and law enforcement officers testified for the state this week.
According to District Attorney Renee Mueller, Supernaw told a different version of the story when he took the stand.
Supernaw testified to his knowledge, he didn't kick the officer, Mueller said.

The case has been reset for May 2, and could be retried.
Two previous bail jumping trials for Supernaw in Washington County have both resulted in hung juries.
Supernaw also has an evading arrest charge pending in Brazos County.