Extreme Makeover Helps Local Animal Rescue

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These rescued dogs are now part of "True Blue Animal Rescue." The DeAeth family's organization that provides a temporary home for hoofs, paws, and claws, then places the animals into loving families.

"We're only one of hundreds of rescues across the country," Melanie DeAeth said. "I mean we're only one, this problem is huge and so maybe we can really make a difference."

Melanie DeAeth has been taking in animals since she was young, and she couldn't give it up. When her and her husband dell got married they kept up the rescue.

"When she said when you live in the country you are supposed to have animals, I was like what does she mean," Dell DeAeth said. "So, we started, we got a couple of horses and a couple of dogs and went from there."

It was the family's big heart that caught the eye of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The DeAeth family was given a new house, including furniture and decorations, a new office to run the rescue, pins and barns, plus years of supplies to keep up with the ever growing number of animals.

Right now the DeAeth family is housing 35 rescued dogs and over 40 rescued horses, and since the show aired they've been getting more website hits and emails. They're hoping adoption numbers go up

"We're hoping together we can work and get more people to do the same thing we're doing," Melanie DeAeth said.

And Melanie and Dell aren't alone, their three children; Jessica, Cory, and Colton pitch in, and each say it's shaped their lives.

"I got the rescue blood in me now from all the animals we take in," Colton DeAeth said.

"I'm going into psychology and hopefully counseling and hopefully I can integrate the counseling with the animals too," Jessica DeAeth said.

"I couldn't live without at least one dog, "Cory DeAeth said. "I couldn't live with out it. I'm not going to lie to you, I couldn't live without an animal."

And it looks like that won't happen, the family will continue the rescue with added support, and hopes for many more years of success.

To contact True Blue Animal Rescue you can call 936-878-2349 or by web at www.t-bar.org.