Computer Virus Alert

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A new computer worm is trying to make its way through the internet, threatening to destroy files on your personal computer. The virus, known as Kama Sutra or Blackworm, was detected in January and expected to spread worldwide Friday. Fortunately it has caused relatively little damage so far.

The virus dubbed Kama Sutra is disguised as an e-mail with an illicit title. But beware, once you click on the attachment the virus goes to work.

" It's a virus that's basically designed to destroy files, the most commonly used files like Excel, Word, things that people use at the office and at home," said Mike Albin, KBTX Computer Expert.

Since the virus appeared in January, a reported half a million computers have been infected.

" It's a malicious virus. This one actually will go in and delete all your Word documents, any Adobe documents, PDFs that sort of thing," said Paul Marvin.

Marvin's company, GKG. NET provides internet services for thousands of customers world-wide. The company goes on high alert at the threat of any virus.

" It's a constant battle. We have a couple of people, that's all they do is constantly monitor viruses," said Marvin.

Experts say most virus writers are simply doing it just to see if they can and to wreak havoc on a massive scale. But many viruses are caught long before they hit the U.S.

" Viruses tend to come from other countries and most of the anti-virus companies like Norton or Mc Afee have already sent a fix out to protect your computer," said Albin.

The government is trying to crack down and go after virus writers, but it's often hard to prosecute. Virus writers are hard to track down and monetary or detrimental damages must be proved.

You can protect your computer by keeping up to date anti-virus software installed. Also back up your most important files on a CD, zip drive, or DVD.

If an e-mail looks suspicious or you don't know the sender, don't open it.