Remains From Student Bonfire Lit

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Logs from the Aggie student bonfire have been on Hot Rod Hill since November, but Saturday afternoon that changed. Student's were finally able to light the remains.

"We're finally going to be able to clean up this site and move forward," said Chance Robinson, Aggie Student Bonfire.

Group leaders, Chance Robinson and Jack Shallock, say the group was waiting for the Brazos County Burn Ban to be lifted so the remains could be lit, legally.

"We had hoped to line up the bulldozer to be able to push the logs up and burn them. It just so happened that Tuesday the ban was lifted," said Robinson.

"We knew that really our only option was to burn it when the burn ban was lifted and it was just a matter of time to get some rain for that to happen," said Jack Shallock, Aggie Student Bonfire.

In their effort to keep tradition alive, students faced a number of issues. In November nine of the students were issued citations for lighting the stack during a burn ban, but that stack didn't burn. It stood on Hot Rod Hill until New Year's Day, when someone trespassed on the property and re-lit the stack. It took firefighters six hours to put out those flames, but the logs still remained on the property, until now.

Even with all the drama, Robinson says they never lost the support of others

"It's a great feeling to know that Aggies, and not only Aggies, but just people in Brazos County and around the state really cared to see this tradition continue," said Robinson.

Looking back on everything, Shallock says he has no regrets.

"Everyone worked really hard and they were proud of what they did and I was proud of everyone in the organization," said Shallock.

Even though students had to wait until 2006 to light the bonfire from 2005, they say the delays haven't discouraged them at all. In fact, they have already started planning for the Bonfire next fall.