Is the iPod Making Texas A&M Less Friendly?

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Technology is taking the Texas A&M campus by storm. On any given day, you can see dozens of students walking around with their iPod turned on, listening to music, or talking on their cell phones.

"The iPod things like that are just not upholding the aggie tradition of being that aggie campus that's really reaching out," Student Mark Gold said.

Texas A&M is known for it's friendly campus, saying howdy and talking to those you know or don't know on the way to class. But some students think the iPod and the cell phone, is hurting that.

"I just kind of like to look around and talk to people but most of the time, they're pretty involved in their music," Student Philip Venegas said.

Texas A&M Student Body President Jim Carlson agrees. .He says technology is not helping the campus traditions.

"I'm one of those obnoxious people who's going to say howdy to people whether they look me in the face or not, " Carlson said. " Listening to their iPod, it's definitely affecting campus."

Carlson says over the last four years he's seen a change on campus, but doesn't expect anything to be done about it. He says the university promotes individuality.

"The last thing we want to do is create an in genuine campus where people are just saying howdy because it's the thing to do," Carlson said. "We want people to learn to be friendly and that's what we're trying to teach them, that's what's really important to us."

So don't expect to see a petition to ban the iPod anytime soon. The campus will just keep promoting traditions like Howdy.