CSI Shows Affecting Courtrooms

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CBS airs CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York, but lately these shows are effecting more than television ratings.

Bill Turner with the Brazos County District Attorney's Office says the show has altered expectations of real-life jurors.

"On CSI, there's so much scientific evidence in those cases that we think we jurors have that same expectation when they come into the courtroom," said Bill Turner, Brazos County District Attorney.

But this isn't just a local problem, it's called the CSI effect, and it's affecting courtrooms across the county.

The shows depict fancy forensics equipment, large investigation teams and quick turnaround times from crime labs. Turner says, jurors are confusing the fiction of the show with reality.

"You get the feeling that all this takes place in a week or two, but the truth is the lab can sometimes take six months, nine months, a year even to get even limited testing done," said Turner.

With the popularity of these shows, attorneys are now forced to question perspective jurors on their television viewing habits.

"We ask those things and once we expose those interests then we try to talk to them about in real life how we go about our business," said Turner.

So when you're kicking back watching one of the CSI shows just remember, the next time you’re called to jury duty, more than likely, it won't be as exciting as Hollywood has made it out to be.

"In extreme cases they'll see a lot of the science we're seeing on television. But by and large, the day-to-day grind of criminal law is not that exciting," said Turner.