Bush Awards Local Point of Light

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It's rare that former President George Bush is able to hand out one of his daily points of light. It's also rare to find someone as committed to her community as Ruth Clearfield, who received the honor Monday evening.

"This is the piece-de-resistance for awards in volunteering," Clearfield said, "and I'm so delighted that the president started this."

"She's a true volunteer, a true point of light," the president said. "She believes in helping others, and it's a wonderful program."

The 29-year resident of College Station has been a part of a number of organizations and efforts. It was Hank Roraback of the United Way who nominated her for the honor.

"Ruth is not only involved in the United Way," Roraback said. "She's involved in the arts, women's issues and children's issues, so her perspective on the community is so broad and so good."

"She gets it everyday from people that appreciate what she's done," said President Bush, "but this is kind of a formal icing on the cake for her, I hope."

"You know, the best part of volunteering is that you get to meet wonderful people that you would never meet anywhere else," said Clearfield.

Ruth Clearfield is the 3,132 winner of the award, with one given every weekday.

Clearfield says some of her most satisfying work has been with "Health for All" and the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley.