Unwanted Visitors at Somerville High School

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"They have to choose the bats or us. They can't have it all. They choose students or bats, they should choose the students," said Timothy Jackson, a student.

Students at Somerville High School are outraged. They say their school has become a bat cave.

"They've been falling out on desks before. Yesterday during first period, me and one of my friends herd them screeching down the hall and they found two by the lockers," said Felicia Dyer, a student.

"A bat flew over, I was like, ok, a bat is flying, that's cool as long as he doesn't come after me. He turns around and he comes down, I was like, ahhh," said Jeremy Spurlin, a student.

Students say bats are outside the school, in hallways, even in classrooms, making it hard to concentrate. One student says she just couldn't take it.

"I left school yesterday just ‘cause I wasn't going to stay here and get bit," said Lona Hightower.

Students aren't the only ones complaining.

"The kids can't learn if they're watching for bats; the teachers can't teach if they're watching for bats," said Linda Woods, a parent.

Linda Woods has two children that attend Somerville High School. She says she didn't believe bats were inside the school, so she went to see for herself.

"While I was talking to one of the teachers they killed a bat in the classroom next door," said Woods.

School officials have admitted there is a bat problem. They've even posted signs to warn students, but they say they are taking steps to resolve the problem.

"Every time we've seen a bat, or there's been a bat sighting, we've taken action to remove the animal. No one's been bitten," said Charles Camarillo, Superintendent of Somerville ISD.

Camarillo understands the concerns and the school will accommodate students if they choose to stay home.

The problem started last year. The school called in a wildlife biologist and thought the problem was gone, but the bats are back and so is the biologist.

"The spring time is when the bats become more active and they come out to feed at night. Until that happens we are going to have bats in the wall, but we can keep them out of the school," said Jason Tatge of Critter Control.

Steps are being taken to keep the bats from getting in the school, which will make it safe. Now students and teachers can focus on books instead of bats.