12th Man Hearing Could Come Sooner

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The federal court judge that will hear the 12th Man trademark dispute may end up moving the case to an earlier date.

A top A&M official says they expect Houston Judge Ewing Werlein to rule as early as Wednesday on whether Texas A&M and the Seattle Seahawks will have to come to his court before the scheduled June 16 initial hearing. The judge may decide the dispute takes precedence over other federal cases.

A&M says the case could even be moved up to a hearing within the next few weeks.

A&M says the Super Bowl runners-up have illegally used the 12th Man term to describe their fans. The university trademarked the moniker in 1990. Seattle retired the jersey number 12 in honor of their fans, some of the loudest in the National Football League. They do not believe A&M has been harmed by their use of the 12th Man.

Calls to the Seahawks' front office went unreturned.