Black History Month: Pastor Kris Erskine

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News 3 continues the celebration of Black History month by spot lighting individuals making a difference in the community. Meet Pastor Kris Erskine.

Reverend Kris Erskine says it was no mistake that he was chosen to be the new Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church on MLK in Bryan. He and his family left their home in Birmingham, Alabama 2 years ago and he's been making a difference in the Brazos Valley ever since.

" I've been called by God to do what I do. I think to be a community leader or to impact a community, you have to have a heart for people. I'm not only a people person, but I love inspiring people to reach their potential, their destiny, and their goals," said Erskine.

Erskine doesn't only inspire people from the pulpit. He and members of Shiloh go out into the community to spread a spiritual message of hope.

" We actually take the church from the 4 walls to the community and service people, pray with them on the street and encourage them," said Erskine.

Pastor Erskine keeps a busy schedule, preaching 2 Sunday morning services and Bible study on Wednesdays. He's also a member of several civic organizations and often speaks at area churches. But he always makes time to spend with his wife, son, and young daughter. Erskine's love for his own children has spilled over into the church community. He's implemented numerous programs for young people.

" I definitely want to make sure young people understand that there is a place for them in the church," said Erskine.

He wants those young people to make it their mission to help others.

" I want to blaze a trial that if nobody ever remembers my name or anything about me that there will be things put in place so the next generation can get where they're trying to go," said Erskine.

Pastor Erskine's Bio:


He received education in the Alabama and Georgia Public School Systems. He is a graduate of Tuskegee Institute High School in Tuskegee, AL. He is also a graduate of A.C.T. Travel School in Pompano Beach, FL where he was certified as a Travel Agent. Traveling around the world and visiting exciting cities while working for major airlines, Pastor Erskine made the greatest decision and spiritual move of his life. He decided to leave the travel industry and enroll in Seminary as a full time student to pursue his passion for preaching. He has matriculated at the following Colleges and Seminaries: Tuskegee University, Birmingham Baptist Bible College, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham-Easonian Baptist Seminary and Andersonville Baptist Theological Seminary of Andersonville, GA. and Doctorate of Theology from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, FL.


NAACP member, Board Member of the American Cancer Society, Chairman of Churches Against Cancer, CEO of Project Focus at Shiloh, Economic Development Corporation, Instructor for the Brazos Valley Pastors and Ministers Fellowship, Chaplain of Bryan Police Department. He is a community liaison for the African American Professionals Organization at Texas A&M and Bryan ISD. He is also a mentor for the HOST program at Bryan ISD.