Madison County Remembers Commissioner Jim Andrus

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Madison County Judge Cecil Neely says it's been a tough few weeks at the county courthouse.

"This is the second one we've lost in 30 days," said Judge Cecil Neely, Madison County.

Since early last month, county residents have been mourning the death of commissioner Don Farris who died after a lengthy illness. On Wednesday morning, they lost commissioner Jim Andrus in a car accident.

"He's been a mainstay in commissioners court and he's done a lot of work for the community and he's been a good friend," said Neely.

Neely describes Andrus as someone who was a hard worker, someone he often went to for advice.

"I'd bounce things off of him all the time to see what he thought about it before I went to some of the other commissioners and talk to them about it," said Neely.

Andrus was one of four Commissioners in Madison County and one of his colleagues says he will be best remembered for his commitment to his constituents.

"Our job mainly is doing what the voters wanted us to do, that's why I ran for my position and Jim was the same way," said Tommy Cornelius, County Commissioner.

Cornelius has been a commissioner for a little more than a year, as a new commissioner he took notes from Andrus.

"I was learning a lot from Jim, I respected his way of thinking and he knew the courthouse. I'm going to miss that," said Cornelius.

Neely will have to appoint someone to the now vacant position, but he's in no immediate hurry.

"I'll get that done as soon as we get all of this over with and get time reflect on his accomplishments and success," said Neely.

Andrus is survived by his wife, three kids and hundreds of constituents.