Gas Prices Drop

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Texas gasoline prices drifted lower for a second week in a row this week.

The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey found the retail price of regular unleaded self-serve averaging two dollars 25 cents per gallon statewide. That's down two cents.

Dallas has the highest average price at the pump, averaging two dollars 27 cents per gallon. That's down three cents. The lowest prices are in Corpus Christi, which saw the biggest slide in the average price of six cents to two dollars nine cents.

Regular self-serve unleaded averaged two dollars 33 cents per gallon nationwide, down nearly three cents.

Auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says unseasonably warm winter weather in the United States is helping keep crude oil prices below 65 dollars a barrel. That's helping keep retail gasoline prices lower. But she says it's still unclear how long those price declines
will continue in the face of global concerns over Iran's nuclear plans.