Local Debit Card Numbers Stolen

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"We became aware of a problem when members were coming in to report large withdrawals on their accounts," said Gregg Baird, vice president, Aggieland Credit Union.

Baird confirms that some of their customers have been victims of an "electronic bank robbery." Their debit card and PIN numbers and money stolen, even though their card was not.

"There are two theories on how this fraud occurred, the first is a skimming device was used here locally and the second is a possible database breech on a national level," said Baird.

Baird says most of the fraudulent withdrawals happened in countries in Eastern Europe, but their customers weren't the only ones hit. Similar cases have happened to customers at Wells Fargo, Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union and First National Bank.

"The typical loss has been $500 to $1,000 per person resulting in typically a zero or negative balance on their account," said Baird.

Aggieland Credit Union has refunded the lost money to all affected customers, but this situation shows just how easy it is for thieves to steal your money. The scariest part is there is no way to know if you are next.

"Check the balance daily because this type of fraud could occur and the sooner it is caught the better for everybody involved," said Baird.

The College Station Police Department has contacted the FBI and an investigation is now underway. But Aggieland and other institutions involved are taking additional steps to keep situations like this from occurring in the future.