Bryan City Manager's Job Discussed

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It's not the first time Mary Kaye Moore's employment status has made Bryan City Council's meeting agenda. It's happened twice this year, and Tuesday night in closed session the council will discuss her job performance again.

"I cannot think of a time in the four years I've been here where anyone has said we're not happy with your performance," Moore said.

Moore is Bryan's first female city manager, hired on in 2001. She says she recently received her best evaluation yet and the best salary increase.

Giving no indication why the council would discuss her performance. When asked, Bryan Mayor Ernie Wentrcek would not say why Moore's job status is on Tuesday's agenda.

"It would not be professional to comment, but I would tell the media not look to much into it," Wentrcek said.

It's been noted Wentrcek and Moore haven't always agreed on certain issues, and Moore said communication between the two is limited.

"I will tell you we do not communicate a lot but the mayor is much more of a mayor that's hands on he spends a lot of time here and he just goes to whatever staff member he's comfortable talking with," Moore said.

Mayor Wentrcek disagreed.

"I have members of the city staff come to me everyday," Wentrcek said. "I'm there and there's no problem, I was surprised to see that in the paper because I always thought we had a good working relationship."

Moore's retirement has also been a key issue lately. She says she planned on staying on a couple more years, but that could change.

"Originally I had planned to retire in 2008, but maybe we'll just talk about that earlier," Moore said. "I don't know, we'll see what happens."

During her years as city manager she says she's most proud of her staff, getting the justice center under way, street repair, and the work in downtown Bryan. She says she would like to see phase two of the downtown area completed before she goes, but is confident that whoever takes over her position, if she does leave, we'll get the job done.

As for any big announcements Tuesday night, Moore says it's a wait and see.

"I do not know," Moore said. "I do not know what the session will bring Tuesday night. I'll just have to wait and see what the council has to say."

When asked about the Bryan police chief search, Moore had planned on taking internal applications in March.

She says if retirement is in her new future it would be inappropriate to hire the next chief.

At the same meeting, the council will again look at the future of Bryan's municipal golf course.

The first question appears to be whether or not to conduct a feasibility study to look at current pros and cons of the course.

Proponents of the study say it could also help determine if the site is suitable for commercial or retail businesses.

If the council votes to skip the study, it'll then discuss a proposal to spend $4 to $5 million in golf course improvements.

Also on the agenda the traditions golf course, an on-going discussion on whether or not to lift restrictions so that permanent housing can be added.