Dangerous Intersection Gets Safety Changes

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The intersection of 2818 and Luther in College Station, could be called a danger zone.

"I think there's four people that have been killed at that intersection in the past year," said Bob Mosley, traffic engineer, City of College Station.

Mosley says the high speed of cars on 2818, combined with the curve in the road, makes it difficult for cars to turn left onto or off of Luther. The high number of accidents at the intersection has caused the city to take action.

"Temporary medians were put up there on the east side of the center turn lane each direction to prevent the left turn movement," said Mosley.

City council member John Happ says making the intersection safer is a priority.

"With the fatal accidents that we've had at that intersection, it's very important that we did something in the near turn to negate those kind of accidents," said John Happ, College Station City Council.

But that temporary median is creating a new hazard, now cars are passing the barricade and making a u-turn to get back to Luther. Happ says council is on top of the issue, last week they voted to make the area a no u-turn zone.

"People that violate that will obviously get fined for violating the code, we will have it patrolled pretty heavily," said Happ.

Mosley says they are now working with TX Dot on a plan to get rid of the temporary median and design traffic signals for the intersection.

"The expectation is we will have a design and be trying to bid this sometime late fall," said Mosley.

It may take a while before construction starts, but hopefully the temporary measures will make this intersection a less of a danger zone.