Man Cheney Shot Has Heart Attack

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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Doctors in Corpus Christi say the man accidentally shot by Vice President Dick Cheney over the weekend has had a "minor heart attack." That's after some of the birdshot moved into his heart tissue.

Harry Whittington is recovering, and doctors say the 78-year-old Austin lawyer will be monitored to make sure more birdshot doesn't move to other organs or other parts of his body.

They say he's been moved back into the intensive care unit for further treatment. The doctors say Whittington didn't show any of the normal
symptoms of a heart attack, such as chest pain. He's still listed in stable condition.

They say they've been consulting with White House doctors about
Whittington's treatment. Those doctors attended to Whittington on
the scene of the shooting. Cheney accidentally shot and wounded Whittington on Saturday while they were hunting on the 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch south of Corpus Christi.