Bryan City Manager Retires

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Long closed-door sessions for the Bryan City Council gave Tuesday's meeting a bit of a secretive feel. But at the end of the evening, it was made known that City Manager Mary Kaye Moore was what all the fuss was about.

Moore tendered her retirement, which was accepted by the council after their second executive session of the evening.

"Several months ago, I said, 'Hey, I think I'll retire,'" Moore said afterwards. "And I was joking, and each time I said it, it sounded better and better."

"She approached the council back in January indicating that she was interested in retiring sometime during 2006," Mayor Ernie Wentrcek said following the marathon meeting.

"I had originally planned to do it in 2008, but it just feels right now," Moore said. She alluded to the possibility of her retirement date moving up on the calendar prior to Tuesday's meetings, but it was not known when she would step down until the end of the day.

Moore has served as city manager since 2001. Her time in that role will end as of February 28. But until the end of 2006, Moore will serve in a consulting role for the council and work on any projects assigned to her.

Contrary to rumors of discontent among staff and council, both the mayor and Moore said the closed door meetings were a matter of law rather than job performance issues.

"It was a matter of the executive session dealing with personnel," Wentrcek said, "and we had to take it a step at a time."

"No councilmember has ever asked me to retire or indicated to me that they wanted me gone," Moore added.

Moore says some of the main reasons for her retirement are spending time with her mother, kids and grandkids. She will receive her full salary, benefits, and insurance through the end of 2006.

There is no exact date set for when the search for a new city manager will begin.