Other Bryan Council Business

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Besides the retirement of City Manager Mary Kaye Moore, the Bryan city council addressed a pair of prominent issues Tuesday, but only took action on one of the two.

The council decided on the fate of the municipal golf course. After a proposed feasibility study was nixed by two-thirds of the council (Councilmen Jason Bienski and Mark Conlee voting for it), the council voted 5-1 to move forward with phase one of the master plan. Bienski was the dissenting vote.

That means next, the city will get an estimate on how much it would cost to renovate as well as update the irrigation and drainage. When those numbers come in another vote will be taken.

Last year, phase one was estimated at $2.7 million.

And on the topic of the Traditions development, the council and developers agreed that they still need more time to work out details. At issue is whether or not permanent housing should be allowed.

Originally, only temporary housing was going to be in the area. The next council meeting on February 28 would be the earliest the council would once again discuss the matter.