City Council To Choose Interim City Manager Saturday

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Earlier this week Mary Kaye Moore said she had considered retiring in 2008, but thought it might come a little sooner. She was right. Tuesday night she announced her plans to retire following the Bryan City council's executive session to discuss her employment status.

"I'll be at the council's disposal and the staff's and I visited with my management staff this morning," Moore said. "If I can help them with anything, they just need to give me a call."

Moore's last day as city manager is February 28th. She'll remain employed, however, through the end of the year as a consultant to the city. She will receive her $130,000 yearly salary, health insurance, benefits, plus retirement based on her salary for the past three years.

"I will probably take at least a good sixth months and just unwind get some down time," Moore said.

Tuesday night, Bryan Mayor Ernie Wentrcek told News Three he and Moore had discussed her retirement in early January.

"She approached the council back in January indicating she was interested in retiring sometime in 2006," Wentrcek said.

Moore said during her conversation with the mayor early last month, she never mentioned wanting to retire in 2006 and she didn't indicate who initiated the conversation.

"I don't know who asked for the meeting he or I," Moore said. "I think we were at a meeting at senator Ogden's and I made a comment and he said yeah we'll sit down and visit, it kind of went from there."

Moore has said the council never asked her to retire and they gave her no indication they wanted her to leave. She maintains communication between her and the mayor was limited, something the mayor denies. In the end, she says she may have just been too vocal.

"I do know I'm opinionated whether it was too opinionated for his personality I can't tell you that," Moore said. " I think we have different work styles, the mayor is very formal and I'm very informal."

Moore is unsure of what was discussed during Tuesday night's executive session. The council and mayor have not offered any information, except that they followed protocol.

Moore leaves behind the search for the Bryan police chief. Mayor Ernie Wentrcek says the active city manager will select an active police chief. When a new city manager is selected, he or she will then decide what to do. Bryan Police Chief Mike Strope will step down in August.

Saturday's meeting will be a closed meeting starting at 9:30 am. The announcement of the interim city manager should be announced following the meeting.