Fire Destroys Church

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It took fire fighters over an hour to get a fire under control at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church on Old San Antonio Road in Robertson County.

The fire started shortly before 10 Thursday morning. Donter Foster who lives across the street said he saw a man checking a meter and shortly after that the fire started in the back of the church.

Foster caled for help and several fire departments responded from Robertson and Brazos County. Fire fighters were concerned about a propane tank located in the back of the church exploding. There were also small grass fires igniting as the wind blew the flames.

Once crews got the fire under control nothing remained but a small portion of the front entrance way. The rest was charred and in rubble. Members of the church say a kitchen is in the back of the church.

A state Fire Marshall will conduct an investigation to determine the cause.

When members and Pastor Jesse Brown and his wife first saw the ruins, they were in disbelief. But they say even though the church is gone, their faith is not. Members plan to meet and discuss their options and hope to rebuild. In the meantime, they plan to hold services at New Hope Church in Wheelock, where Brown is also the Pastor.